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James and Meliss Bryant

Our Story

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We at Golden Retrievers of America pride ourselves on being one of the top selected breeders located in South Georgia. We have twelve years of experience not only in specialized care of each of our amazing and healthy dogs and to us our business is not just a hobby it's our life as well.

Meet James and Melissa Bryant

For James and Melissa, Golden Retrievers of America is all about family ... theirs, and more importantly, yours. James' former business had him away from home too often. Creating Golden Retrievers of America allowed him both to be the dad he wanted to be and to spread happiness to other families by connecting them with a forever friend. 

James takes pride in being able to support wife Melissa in her work as a youth advocate. She has years of experience aiding victims of domestic violence, as well as empowering children who have disabilities. She's seen firsthand the almost miraculous change the love of a dog can bring about, another inspiration behind Golden Retrievers of America. 

The Bryant family, which includes Amberly, a kind, animal-loving 15-year-old and Summer, a creative and determined young woman with autism, devote themselves to matching up each and every client with the furry new family member who's perfect for them. Their sires and dames are considered part of the Bryant family too. The level of care and affection they receive is evidenced by their puppies, Goldens who are not only healthy and beautiful, but have incredibly sweet dispositions and are easy to train. In accordance with their belief in the importance of strong families, the Bryants donate dogs as service and support companions to folks with disabilities. The Bryant family looks forward to meeting your family soon.


To create a company that can provide affordable goldens all around America and to provide dogs for service dogs and emotional support animals. We will do this by opening new kennels in smaller towns so it can benefit the local communities and to hire veterans when we open them.

Why we got started

Originally it all started with the simple quest to find our family a Golden Retriever and previous experiences in Melissas childhood in which her grandmother had also owned and bred puppies that kind of pointed us in this direction. Some of her most fondest memories in New York involved the bond and companionship that was offered by the breed. On a more personal note Melissa experienced numerous traumas in her childhood (Primarily exposure to Domestic Violence) and in a way the dogs that her grandmother had eased the difficulties that are often experienced in such homes when she was able to be around them). After obtaining our first female Honey (The one who started all of this) it assisted her with many challenges that were often faced such as PTSD and they were completely bonded. Recognizing the ways that Honey helped her she wanted to assist in the capability to provide others with Goldens as family pets, support animals among other benefits that are related to the breed.

Why should you choose us?

We take great pleasure in providing the best quality puppies and invest in their healthcare from the very moment they are born. Our puppies are checked, monitored for any type of health issue and receive regular wormings, initial vaccinations prior to sale, and our facility is also well kept and maintained to all standards founded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and AKC requirements. When you purchase a dog it's a lifelong commitment for new owners, so we want to make sure that they not only receive the highest quality of life in the very beginning as well.
Honey started it all
Honey, the one that started it all!

Service & Support Dogs

Did you know that Goldens make great service and emotional support dogs? James and Melissa have plans to donate the moms and dads after 5 years to those who need service or support dogs as well as veterans with PTSD. It's a mission near and dear to their hearts as Melissa suffers from PTSD and the dogs have helped her tremendously!

Our Timeline

Purchased Honey

We purchased our first Golden Retriever named Honey to help Melissa with her PTSD and fears as a victim of domestic violence in a previous relationship. Honey allowed us to fully witness the ways that they can change a person's entire life which can allow for healing and support that some humans can never fully provide.

Started Bryant's Breeders

Golden Retrievers of America started out as Bryant's Breeders. We registered our first litter with the AKC on 3/10/2012. 

Seeing the healing

We started being contacted by owners that have shared deep personal experiences in reference to the ways that our dogs have ultimately saved their life. We also have multiple people who have stated that many of our dogs have been chosen to be support animals for a variety of services for children and adults. Every time a dog goes to a loving and caring home it remains to be one of the biggest milestones for us.

A Bigger and Better Location

Moving to our current location has not only increased our opportunities to enrich the lives of the dogs but continuously allows us to keep reaching and completing goals that are focused on our future and dreams. This is in alignment with the opportunities that can assist us in connecting more of our puppies to homes, so that their presence can be increasingly necessary for numerous reasons.

Golden Retrievers of America

In 2022 we changed our focus and started our new company Golden Retrievers of America. Our vision is to provide affordable goldens all around America!  We would like to hire veterans as we open kennels in new states. We would like to provide dogs for service dogs and emotional support animals. We would love for the kennels added in other states to be in smaller towns so it can benefit communities that need a little extra help.
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